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Sunday, October 25, 2009
insyaAllah, this sem is my last sem in UiTM..
and this Saturday is my first paper for this sem..
but this Monday is my last test..huhu

actually, im not in mood to study..
i can't focus to my study..
why i can't focus??
i miss him soo much..

masuk ari nie dh 3 hari die x angkat phone..
n he is not trying to call me..
im soo sad..huhu..
i miss his voice, his laugh n his humour..
what should i do now??
plzzz help me..huhu..

dh x tau dh nk wat ape skrg nie..
igt nk kuar mencari ketenangan..
tp kat mane ek???
nak ajak sape ye???
org yg sudi dgr luahan ati aku nie..

aku cian kat fara sbb ari2 die dgr aku nye luahan..
smpai satu tahap die dh x tau nk wat ape ngan aku..huhu..
dh byk nasihat n cadangan yg die bg..
aku terima cadangan n nasihat die tue..
tp ati aku nie tp x dpt nk focus utk study..huhu..
mcm mane ek??huhu

kalo bleh focus pun kejap jer..
pas2 msti igt kat die balik..
mcm2 bnde yg difikirkan..
knape lah die x angkat tepon..huhu..


ok lah,nk try focus balik..


  1. akusygdia said...:

    try 2 forget dis 4 a while..
    ur study is da most important skrg ni..
    jgn ingt sgt lor kt dia tu..
    penat ko ingt dia..
    entah2 dia x ingt ko pun..huhu...
    its difficult 2 understand others kan..
    dia sgt pelik..
    sabar sabar n sabar..

  1. it's hard to forget even 4 a while..huhu..
    still thinking of him..
    every moment im thinking of him..
    even in my sleep..huhu..

    i will do my best to stay focus in my study..
    so,can u help me to stay focus??

  1. eLianEz said...:

    Hi awak!

    sejuk je masuk bl0g ne..hehe..jangan carried away sgt ngn feelings tau..future sangat penting..go0d luck ok..

  1. sejuk ker??hehehe
    thanks for ur advice..huhu

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